The external coating of mattresses: An important factor:

The external coating is a factor not to be underestimated in the choice of the product to be purchased because it influences not only the quality of the mattress itself (and consequently also its final cost) but also its comfort, freshness and practical use. There are various types of materials that can be used to externally coat a mattress such as, for example, viscose, cotton, polyester or other fibers.

Lining mattress:

Depending on the material itself, the price obviously varies, but also, and above all, the mattress’s breathability (for example, cotton is more breathable than some synthetic fibers). Given that some materials used for the internal structure (such as for example, memory foam) are in great demand on the market but tend to retain heat, to give greater freshness to the mattress, many manufacturers resort to the introduction of a “breathable band”.

A section that runs around the entire perimeter of the mattress made of highly breathable materials, so as to allow the mattress to be fresh even if produced with fibers that by their nature are less breathable. Cellulose, wool or pure cotton, or cashmere are natural materials while, among the most synthetic fibers we find polyester, viscose, and viscoelastic foam. Moreover, totally natural fibers are also widespread, such as bamboo, and others, which can be used 100% pure or combined with other materials such as cotton or wool.

Finally, consider that to enrich the covering of a mattress there are also secondary factors such as the presence of handles to grip it (to move it, clean it or rotate it according to the season) and the presence of an external cover that is removable and washable.


The size factor is decisive in choosing a mattress for various reasons. The first, which is probably the best known and also the most obvious, is that the size of the product influences the number of people who can use the mattress, while the second reason is that a particular measure, or height, also influences the comfort.

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