Buy pocket spring mattresses, some tips to follow:

Do you remember the spring mattresses that you bought in the 80s? Those on which you jumped like a child to play, as in the most popular commercials, or those that were present in cartoons you watched before going to school for example? Here, pocket spring mattresses can be considered the modern version of those spring mattresses.

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Features of the pocket spring mattress:

Having said that the pocket spring mattress is the advanced version of that old spring mattress, it is at least necessary to dwell on the differences between the two, differences concerning the springs and their operation.

As for the springs, they are isolated from each other and are inserted in a breathable bag, they are made of steel and not of other metals to ensure a certain resistance over time and above all prevent rust and humidity from the attack early undermining its operation. The best material to make is steel, enriched with carbon-phosphate, able to significantly reduce the oxidation and wear process.

Another point, the operation is single, or this way of packaging the individual springs makes them independent of each other and allow different responses in terms of stress: the springs located in areas where it is statistically predicted that there is more weight have a carrying capacity different from others, for example, localized at the edges of the bed where there will be hardly much weight.

These features have made the pocket spring mattress a mattress that adapts to the body and not vice versa, in a word, an ergonomic mattress.

We are talking about a large number of springs, on average we talk about 300 springs for a single mattress; rising to more than 700 for a matrimonial. However, some companies manage to insert a minimum number of 1500 springs up to over 5,000 springs.

In-depth studies by our developers have shown that in reality, the human body does not perceive a real difference when the number of springs exceeds 2000 which is not the case for the price which can also rise considerably.